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Secret Cinema Star Wars: Our Review

By Chris J 2 years ago 1173 Views 1 comment

Last year my wife and I visited the secret cinema event, Back to the Future, and thoroughly enjoyed our

day. We dressed in costume and walked around 1950's Hill Valley, enjoying the semi-faithful recreation

of the town square and the key events from the film - played out before our eyes. In fact we were sure

that it couldn't get better....boy were we wrong!

I don't want to give too much of the plot away for those who are still planning on going, suffice to say

that it blew last year out of the water! There are many this year that have been put off by the higher

ticket prices - believing that this event now has gone way above most people's budget, or that there

is nothing the organizers could do that could warrant a £75 price tag. We thought it was worth every

penny. The event itself takes place in a massive empty factory complex just around the corner from

Canada Water, London and from the moment you arrive you are taken on a journey.

The immersive nature of this event is far above anything that Secret Cinema have previously done,

in fact there are very real quests to run, gambling to be cheated out of and Jedi training being taught

around every corner!

The re-creation of the canteena from Episode IV is amazing - the look is so authentic (as are the

clientele). While sitting in a booth inside it we got to listen to live music and then witnessed

Stormtroopers confront and apprehend Han Solo and Chewbacca, sitting across from us in another

booth. We were in awe of some of the attention to detail.

We went on spaceflights, daring prison escapes and scavenger hunts around the incredibly

recreated Death Star before watching a stunning live action culmination that immediately preceded

the final showing of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

As my wife said many, many times before we went - she hates Star Wars. She LOVED it at

Secret Cinema! I think, in these situations, it almost doesn't matter what film they choose to

reenact, we'll be there either way! But shhh....'don't tell anyone'.


Chris J

Alterego Fancydress

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Andy Dodds 1 years ago at 19:39
Excellent blog buddy, sounds a blast