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Hosting an Easter Party? Check this out!

By Chris J 2 years ago 992 Views No comments

So you've decided you're going to have your friends and family round for Easter this year but don't know where to start? Well have no fear, today we're going to go over some essential bits you wil need to consider for your night to be a hit. We will look at decorations, food & drink, costume ideas and fun games just to make sure you have it all covered. So lets get started!

1. Decoration

Easter is all about light and colour - it comes right at the start of spring. The sun is out for longer, the flowers are blooming and everyone is just starting to seem that little bit happier! So incorporating flowers into your decorating is a must. Why not try something simpple like a few bunches of bright daffodils or sunflowers scattered about? And if you're feeling a little more adventurous why nnot incorporate some eggs into the displays?

One idea that always grabs the eye, is a little different and is VERY easter is to have bunches of carrots instead of flowers!! Bunnies are everywhere at Easter so this is a perfect little decoration, especially if you are in costume...

Finish off the room with some simple banners...homemade ones will do! All you need is some colured paper and a little imagination!

Now the one extra decoration every Easter party needs is eggs!! Decorating eggs is easy to do - make sure the eggs have been hard boiled first though. Using some paint put some lines, spots or splashes of colour on these eggs and then dot them around the room...even some large coloured paper egg cutouts on the wall will help the room take shape.

2. Food & Drink

There's more to easter food than just chocolate! Again eggs are the key - incorporate as much as you can into boiled egg slices on salad. Why not offer out some hot cross buns? You could make some egg-shaped rice crispy cakes.

How about these cute little bunny cookies??

Check out this great youtube video for more easter treat ideas!

3. Costume ideas

There are plenty of homemade ideas out there for long as you're happy dressing as either a bunny or chicken/egg!

Bunny ears are simple enough to make with some card, scissors and marker pens...although they re also pretty readily available in shops too.

Dressing up the kids? Have a look at these awesome diy childrens costumes!

4. Fun Games

There's only game you really need to worry about here, whether your party is indoors or Easter egg hunt! So the important thing to remember is to hide those eggs. It really doesn't matter if the eggs are real or chocolate as long as the fun of the hunt is there...although perhaps if they are not chocolate then an alternative prize for the winner might be in order.

Give all participants a little basket to collect their eggs in and they're ready to go!

So there you have it - hopefully you now have some ideas to really set that easter party of yours apart from the rest. Just have some fun with it and make sure that those key elements are in there somewhere. If you do have one, why not drop us an email with some of your best pics from the day...we might pop some of our favourites on facebook and twitter!


Chris J

Alterego Fancydress

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