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A Werewolf conference?? Yep!

By Chris J 2 years ago 754 Views No comments

Whereas it might sound weird to suggest that a conference based on the subject of Werewolves

would exist, there is actually a rich history of the Lycanthrope concept to talk about. Lycanthropy

itself is not a term many are familiar with it has been around for centuries and broadly covers the

more common Hollywood Werewolf we are used to today.

The event itself is set over 3 days in early September and, with a keynote speaker and workshops /

International papers involved, the conference will focus on many aspects of lycan lore such as the

mythology, its appearances in many types of media such as past literature and movies, and the

species folklore among others.

The official website,, lists much of what can be expected during

this 3 day event. Many talks are scheduled, such as 'Wearing the wolf', 'The Sound of the Cinematic

Werewolf' and 'Werewolves and Paranormal Romance' among others. Novelists will be there to talk

about their work and there will even be the opportunity for delegates to Walk with Wolves as you will

have the opportunity to visit unique places associated with the theme.

Open Graves Open Minds have held similar conferences in the past, beginning in 2010 with 'Vampires

and the Undead in Modern Culture' followed in 2012 by the 'Bram Stoker Centenary Symposium' in

2012 (Bram Stoker's Dracula was actually heavily influenced by Lycanthropy folklore). Delegates can

expect varying topics, touching on sexuality and romance, animal studies and it's representation in

modern culture, such as the Beauty and the Beast concept. Indeed if you think about it Werewolves

are ever-present in our culture, or at least our books & cinemas (films such as the Twilight and

Underworld franchises - the latter even regularly using the term Lycan).

So if the concept of a 3 day conference focusing on the history and mythology of the Werewolf is of

interest to you then check out their website! Places for the conference are still available,

book here:


Chris J

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